22 Couples Who Remain Cute Even Though They Root For Rival Teams

    You've found the love of your life. Too bad he/she loves the worst team in the history of sports. But there's hope. Just heed the methods of the couples below who've found ways to be faithful to both their teams and each other.

    1. Watch a sunset together.

    2. Go to the Big Game.

    3. Go to a wildly under-attended game.

    4. Stick out your tongues at each other.

    5. Smile while strangling one another.

    6. Threaten to punch each other, and apologize.

    7. Make your union as official as the rivalry.

    8. Threaten each other with knives.

    9. Paint your house.

    10. Put up some subtle lawn ornaments.

    11. If you have children, force them to pick sides.

    12. Convenient if you have twins.

    13. Less so if you only have one.

    14. (It is never too early to do this.)

    15. And will make for family fun for years to come.

    16. Humiliate dad by setting a small Steelers fan on him.

    17. Or gang up on mom.

    18. Remember, being in an inter-rivalry couple isn't always easy, so keep it light.

    19. Don't be afraid to root alongside one another.

    20. Drink together.

    21. And show your love.

    22. Because you're in it for the long haul.

    Who knows? Maybe someday they'll see the light and stop rooting for that piece of shit team.