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    18 Photos That Only People Who Had Braces Will Understand

    Anyone got some wax?

    1. If you had braces, this was the scene of a regularly occurring nightmare:

    Getty Images

    2. And this thing was the scariest shit of all:

    Thamkc / Getty Images

    3. Because it always led to some serious gagging:

    Every time, without fail.

    4. You became weirdly well-acquainted with molds made of your teeth:

    Getty Images

    5. And you were always secretly afraid you'd end up with headgear:


    6. Changing colors was the most fun part, of course:

    Photoclicks / Getty Images

    7. And if your orthodontist had those glow-in-the-dark ones, you became IMMEDIATELY cool.

    8. At one point, you thought clear or white brackets would be a good idea...

    Getty Images

    Hopefully, someone talked you out of it.

    9. And you carried this little guy around with you everywhere:

    Twitter: @neresilmart2802

    Even though you rarely used it:

    10. If you were really fancy, you brushed your teeth with a toothbrush shaped like this:

    11. And if you had rubber bands, you remember the pain all too well.

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

    Snaps on snaps.

    12. And you collected the bands afterward in a little ball:

    13. You weren't allowed to eat ANY of this stuff, but of course, you still did:

    14. Unless you had one of these things:

    Wherein you became a pro at excavating for lost food particles.

    15. The inside of your mouth always looked like this:

    16. And you always wondered if this could ever actually happen to you:

    Disney Channel

    17. When you finally got your braces off, you IMMEDIATELY did this:


    And celebrated!

    18. Only to be told that you still need to wear a retainer — or else you'd have to do it alllll over again.

    **BRB shuddering forever**

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    This post was translated from Spanish.

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