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16 Things You Know If You Grew Up In Sydney’s Greater West

Edition: Growing Up Penriff

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3. When Starbucks opened, and it was the GREATEST! THING! EVER!


Then, they took it away from us.

5. Maccas.

Quick Feed = High Street Maccas.

Hanging Out = Panthers Maccas.

8. Someone always suggested, Aqua Golf...

Feeling sporty or competitive.

Hanging out in big groups or small.

Bored with no where else to go, or you still had a '2 for 1 Wining Ticket' from your last visit. It was always an awesome time!

And we all had that one friend who swore they got the $100 target.

9. When Krispy Kreme first opened its doors in 2003, and half an hour waiting in line meant a quick visit.

10. When Cold Rock opened in 2008, and the lines were just as long.

11. You either, went to a Panthers game...

... or avoided the area completely

12. That 'Friend' who knew the sciences behind the phenomenon, that is 'Magnetic Mountain'

International Directory of Magnetic Hills / Via

14. Under 18's socialised at their local PCYC

Blue Light Discos or Local Band Gigs.

When you got a little bit older, you went to hotspots like: The Bloc or The Embassy...

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