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16 Things You Know If You Grew Up In Sydney’s Greater West

Edition: Growing Up Penriff

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2. Thursday nights, meant late night shopping at the Plaza.


Catching up with friends from other schools.
Hanging out with your friends, who you just spent the entire day with.
But never doing any shopping.

3. When Starbucks opened, and it was the GREATEST! THING! EVER!


Then, they took it away from us.

5. Maccas.

Quick Feed = High Street Maccas.

Hanging Out = Panthers Maccas.

8. Someone always suggested, Aqua Golf...

Feeling sporty or competitive.

Hanging out in big groups or small.

Bored with no where else to go, or you still had a '2 for 1 Wining Ticket' from your last visit. It was always an awesome time!

And we all had that one friend who swore they got the $100 target.

9. When Krispy Kreme first opened its doors in 2003, and half an hour waiting in line meant a quick visit.

10. When Cold Rock opened in 2008, and the lines were just as long.

11. You either, went to a Panthers game...

... or avoided the area completely

12. That 'Friend' who knew the sciences behind the phenomenon, that is 'Magnetic Mountain'

International Directory of Magnetic Hills / Via

14. Under 18's socialised at their local PCYC

Blue Light Discos or Local Band Gigs.

When you got a little bit older, you went to hotspots like: The Bloc or The Embassy...

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