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    • Sandra361

      Buzzfeed: Stop trying to create controversy where there is none just to get more clicks. I used to like reading this site but seriously enough with the blatant attempts at turning EVERYTHING into something it isn’t and mislabeling articles just for page views. As other people have commented the ads are selling intimates so they used intimate looking photos to sell them. The photos are supposed to be provocative; that’s the entire point. I understand that Buzzfeed as a site isn’t going to have the highest standards in journalism but this site seems to lower the bar constantly. I also understand that Buzzfeed doesn’t care about the content of its site and will post anything just for page views so advertisers will pay more money for their ad space but sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. It’s just ridiculous how often I come across articles like this one on this site: Articles full of old information presented as current events, mislabeled headlines, and content full of “this other site said” reporting. I mean if you are going to try to create controversy where there is none, at least talk about things that are CURRENTLY happening. Just because a couple people found an old ad campaign and posted about it on Twitter and Jezebel does not make something current. Just stick with what you do best: talking about cute animals and stuff. Leave the sensationalism to people who actually know what they’re doing and don’t just grasp at straws.

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