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Dear LulaRoe: One Mom Says What We're All Thinking

A mom's hilarious interpretation of the LulaRoe craze and how she's coping with it.

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Elisabeth Adkins / Via San Diego Mom's Blog

Dear LulaRoe, I am a busy mom. I don’t have time to shop. And yeah, online shopping can be done occasionally, but even that turns into a disaster most days. I really like what I see in the 2 minutes of Facebook scrolling I do between work, play groups, doctors appointments etc., but by the time I get back to your “VIP Group” that required me to “Friend” someone that I am not even friends with on Facebook, everything is all tangled and I can’t find “Carly” or “Irma” or whoever the heck that girl is?! Then I read the comments and find that there are women hunting “unicorns!?” Needless to say, I am confused, tired and LulaRoe-less because YOU DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE that I can visit on my own time, and just simply click an “Add to Cart” button and BUY THE DANG DRESS named after some girl I don’t know. Also, your leggings are so pretty and I just happened to land a pair of black ones as a gift. They really are smooth like butter, but I didn’t realize the madness that would ensue as your name and the names of your

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