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You Know When You Are A Kids’ Soccer Coach When…

Having played soccer his entire life, being part of the soccer community is important to Sandeep Baweja. While he still plays once in awhile, he dedicates most of his time to game of soccer as a coach and as an active volunteer with his community’s local soccer association in Anaheim Hills, California.

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1. You drive a minivan, and at any given time, there are orange peels on the backseat and in the foot-wells of your car.

2. You can always find at least a 3 or 4 soccer balls and dozen orange soccer cones in the trunk of your car.

3. Your fridge is perpetually stocked with Gatorade.

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4. During the fall soccer season, there are dirt and mud tracks across your garage on practice and game days.

5. Half of your wardrobe is composed of Adidas and Puma.

6. Your entire outlook on life is driven by “goals.”

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7. Every 4 years, your entire life schedule centers around the World Cup game schedule.

8. There are a minimum of 20 different squeezable water bottles in your kitchen cabinets.

9. You never schedule family vacations between August through November.

10. Every Saturday after games, your voice is hoarse from constantly yelling across the field to provide “direction” and “encouragement for your players.”

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