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Literally I Can’t…Deal With This Song – An Analysis Of The Video For 'Literally I Can't'

A quick look at the video "Play-N-Skillz - Literally I Can't (ft. Redfoo, Lil Jon, Enertia McFly)" which has caused a stir online. Redfoo says the song isn't sexist. You can see for yourself.

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Once inside, they are asked a series of questions. The women reject the advances of the men and show they are not interested.

Sand & Glass

A shot of vodka? – I can’t.

Tequila? – I can’t.

After party? – I can’t.

Want to dance? – I can’t.

With your friends? – I can’t.

Girl on girl? – I can’t.

The men in the room then surround the women and start dancing, ignoring their stated lack of interest in partaking in the party activities. The women are disgusted by the intrusion into their personal space.

He tells that woman, who is visibly disgusted by him, that “You got a big ol’ butt, I can tell by the way you walkin’. But you an annoying [beep], because you’re talking.”

Sand & Glass

It has been proposed that the bleeped word is "slut", making the lyric: "But you an annoying slut, because you’re talking.”

Redfoo goes on to rap about how one of the women should “bounce on the pogo, jump on the jackhammer” (an undeniable reference to his genitals) and says he will Instagram her during the act of sex.

And then he tells the women to shush, once again, because “I said jump on the pole; I didn’t need your opinion…”

Sand & Glass

And he further showcases his disregard for the human qualities of these women, ignoring the fact that they are people with thoughts and feelings who do not appreciate his advances, by saying: "Girl I’m sipping on this drink, trying to see what you got, not hear what you think.”

Someone holding their phone open to the website Redtube then inexplicably appears.

Sand & Glass

Perhaps this is meant to highlight the intent of the men at the party to engage the women in erotic activities or it is a reference to Redfoo’s earlier verse about Instagramming the women – he may intend to make a sex tape and put the video on the internet.

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