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This Is A Great News For Selfie Addicts

She was a Selfie Addict .. And he made her an offer she couldn't refuse !

sanatp 3 years ago


Video Resumes created by Fokat Friday for aspiring candidates looking for the job they love.

sanatp 3 years ago

Your 9-5 Job Is Awesome

Its always good to read encouraging words on start-ups. But doing so at the cost of demeaning the 9-5 job culture is definitely not the way ! .. there are people in this world who are happy, content and gone places with their normal office jobs. Its one thing to say "Start-ups are great" and another when you say "Start-ups are great because doing a 9-5 job sucks" Your 9-5 Job is Awesome ! RESPECT !

sanatp 3 years ago

What Happens When A Freelancer Creates His Matrimonial Profile

"Free" is often misterpreted in our society. Be it the free basics initiative on facebook or a Freelancer's job. The Perils of being a freelancer in this society & all the stereotypes associated with it is all captured in this video from Fokat Friday : Matrimonial Ad of a Freelancer

sanatp 3 years ago


Imagine if there was customer care service to know why those blue ticks on whatsapp take too long to appear or to know why your girlfriend is not receiving your messages. The result is hilarious :

sanatp 4 years ago

Asking For A Leave From Your Boss

What happens when an employee tries to ask for a leave from his manipulative boss ?

sanatp 4 years ago

Stupid Common Man rises against Feminazism

What happens when the common man rises against Feminazism ? Check out this hilarious spoof of the movie "A Wednesday" in which a common man takes a stand against the pro-feminist articles & videos which stereotype men based on their distorted facts and statistics.

sanatp 4 years ago