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6 Ways To Keep Your Vagina Happy, Healthy And Smelling Good

We'll pretend you already know these tips to keep her lit, so just pass this along to your "Friend" :)

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1. Stop DOUCHING! You're literally changing your PH levels which can cause infections!

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There's a huge misconception that douching is good for your vagina. However, your body already has everything that it needs to succeed! Your vagina should have a certain amount of bacteria and acidity down there to ward off infections. While it may seem necessary; especially after our time of the month, douching actually cleans out all that good flora that we need. Girl, just stop.

2. Put the soaps, gels, body washes, and whatever you stick up there down!

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Ask any gynecologist, and they will tell you that you're NOT supposed to clean the insides of your vagina with soap. To maintain a fresh vulva: wash the outer lips (labia) of your vag, and around your genital area with unscented soap. The only thing that should be going inside your vagina (besides ---nvm) is pure water. Remember... we need good bacteria :)

3. Got BV? Don't be ashamed... You aren't the only one!

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This tip has been tried and tested by many friends -- and it works! If you suffer from BV or a fishy smelling vulva, try inserting a 500mg Vitamin C (with rose hips) caplet into your vagina with a clean finger or tampon. The vitamin C helps to restore the ecology of vaginal bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy flora! Hello freshness! This is a temp fix though, so be sure to get a check up by your GYN!

4. Itchy and Scratchy? We've all been there girl!

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An itchy vagina is very irritating, and could be the result of MANY reasons; from overproducing secretion to wearing the wrong underwear. If you can't get your hands on some Vagisil, then grab some plain unexpired yogurt and rub a pea size amount onto the bothersome areas of your vagina to sooth the itch or burn. The probiotics in yogurt go to work to immediately relieve your itch --until you can get your hands on some medicated anti-itch ointment of course.

5. Let her breathe!! Sheesh...


Wearing the wrong underwear (non-cotton, dyed, too tight, etc) can cause constant yeast infections. Anything that creates that much moisture needs to be aired out! Too much discharge/secretion can cause irritation or bad bacteria. When you are home air her out by not wearing any underwear, or if you're about that life: JUST GO BARE ALL DAY. If you're not, then try ditching the underwear for just a few hours, or while you sleep.

6. Harmonize to One Direction -- and no not the band!


Shaving can be a drag, and not everyone can bare the trauma of waxing their prized possession. If you do happen to shave your vagina hairs, be sure to do so with a clean razor going in the direction of your hair growth --- which for most women is going downward. Razor bumps are the result of shaving all over the place (up, down, side-to-side), and when your pubic hairs grow back they tend to ball up and grow into the skin which causes ingrowns. Don't you want a pretty vagina?!? Thank me later!

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