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How Big Of A Jonas Fan Are You Actually?

JB 4 lyfe TBH.

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  1. Check all that apply.

    You know where all three of the brothers were born
    So you obviously also know their birthdays
    You know what Kevin's real birth name is
    You know their parents name
    And you of course know the Bonus Jonas
    You can name all of Nick's childhood Broadway roles
    You know the story of how he got discovered at a barber shop
    You know the name of the New Jersey town they're from
    Bonus points if you know that it's in Bergen County
    You know who the two special guests were on the first episode of the Nick Jonas show on YouTube
    The fact that the boys wore purity rings when they were younger made you adore them that much more
    You were secretly kind of upset when they all came off
    But now that you're older, you appreciate it
    You own a copy of "It's About Time"
    You still listen to songs off of "It's About Time"
    You thought about changing your name to Mandy on more than one occasion
    You own a copy of their self-titled album
    You own a copy of "A Little Bit Longer"
    You own a copy of "Lines, Vines and Trying Times"
    You bought copies of teen magazines simply for the Jonas posters
    The walls of your room were covered ceiling-to-floor with their angelic faces
    You even had their cardboard cut outs
    You would often refer to yourself as the future "Mrs. Jonas"
    You've camped outside to see them in concert, meet them or just buy one of their albums
    You've seen them (as the JoBros) in concert once
    You've seen them (as the JoBros) in concert twice
    You've seen them (as the JoBros) in concert three times or more
    You've met all three of them once
    You've met all three of them twice
    You've met all three of them three times or more
    You know the date Kevin got engaged to Danielle
    You know the date Kevin and Danielle got married
    And you know their wedding venue and location
    You immediately think of "Year 3000" when you hear the words flux capacitor
    "Camp Rock" and "Camp Rock 2" were your all-time favorite Disney movies
    Your favorite five seconds in "Night at the Museum 2" were the JoBros playing baby cherubs
    You saw their 3D concert experience movie on opening night
    You've travelled to another city or state to see them perform
    You stayed up past your bedtime or forgot to do your homework to watch them do a TV interview
    You've waited outside the airport to see them
    You've waited outside their hotels to see them
    You had a Team Jonas membership
    "Oh how the tables have turned" has a special meaning to you
    You bought the Nick Jonas & the Administration album
    You saw Nick Jonas & the Administration in concert
    You bought Joe's solo album
    You went to one of Joe's solo concerts
    You saw Nick in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"
    You tuned in every Sunday night to watch "Married to Jonas"
    You're secretly still hoping for a third season
    When "Pom Poms" came out it felt like the JoBros re-birth
    You hated to admit that you didn't like Joe's shaved hair look during the summer of 2013 (srry bb)
    You almost died when Nick took that shirtless Instagram selfie
    But you also wondered why his nipples were abnormally large
    You bought a Nick Jonas dog tag
    You were an emotional wreck the day that Kevin and Danielle announced they were having a baby
    And even more of an emotional wreck when they shared the first photos of Alena
    When they last-minute cancelled their fall 2013 tour, you could sense something bad was about to happen
    When Joe tweeted "please hold while we get our shit together." you knew their breakup was inevitable
    And your heart sank
    You've basically repressed the awful day that the JoBros announced their breakup on GMA
    You read every last word of Joe's "Vulture" tell-all article
    "Jealous" was your JAM
    You were hella confused when "Cake By The Ocean" came out and wondered who the hell DNCE was
    You got excited when you realized Jack Lawless was in DNCE
    You can name all of the members of DNCE
    And "Last Year Was Complicated" made you realize that solo Nick Jonas IS HERE TO STAY
    "Kingdom" is one of your favorite shows
    You know the name of Kevin's second daughter
    "Aw shit, throw some bacon on it" is your favorite lyric of 2016
    You went to the "Future Now" tour and could feel your inner teenager dying on the inside
    You've been to one of DNCE's small shows
    You went to the Selena Gomez tour just to see DNCE open
    You're still trying to process the "Body Moves" music video
    You downloaded the DNCE game
    And you love that Kevin helped make it
    Knowing that Frankie is in college makes you feel super old
    You still listen to JoBros music
    You're anxiously awaiting the day they go on a reunion tour
    No matter if they're the JoBros, solo artists or in other bands, you'll always be a Jonas fan

How Big Of A Jonas Fan Are You Actually?

You're probably wondering why you clicked into this post. You don't know the Jonas Brothers, you've never heard of any of their songs, or maybe you have heard of their songs but just wouldn't know it. We're sorry you've been missing out on these amazing people.

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You know who the JoBros are, you may bop along to "SOS" or sing "Year 3000" with your friends at karaoke night. Heck, you might have even went to one of their shows, but you're probably also avoiding admitting that to anyone, don't worry, we won't tell.

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You probably know a few things about them here and there and you may have seen them in concert or purchased their music on iTunes, but you're not their biggest fan. At least you're not a hater.

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They may or may not be your favorite musicians, but nonetheless you do love a good JB throwback and you're pretty in tune to Nick and Joe's music ventures.

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You've been there from day one and you still love them just as much now as you did then. Teenage you was planning your future wedding with Nick and current you is figuring out how to have "Cake By The Ocean" with Joe.

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