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Who Will Survive "Mad Men"?

No one is safe. Will your favorite character live through the season?

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Series creator Mathew Weiner has never been scared to kill off beloved characters and many are speculating that the final episodes could spell doom for one or more members of the SCDP family.

Here's who we think won't live past the final episode:


Don Draper


Why He Could Die: He's not just the show's main character–he's the embodiment of a whole value system that has also died out.

How He Could Die: The secretive anti-hero is likely the figure seen falling to his death in Mad Men's opening credits.

Roger Sterling

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Why He Could Die: No one lived or loved harder than Roger. He might end up paying the price with his life.

How He Could Die: Another drug trip gone wrong? Or a drug trip gone so right that he transcends his corporeal form and begins a new life as an itinerant ghost?


This Guy From The Background Of A Random Episode

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Why He Could Die: Who is this guy? What are his secrets? Killing off this guy would be the kind of twist Mad Men is known for.

How He Could Die: Storming into the SCDP office, looking directly into the camera, then saying, "I've had it up to here with you…MAD MEN!" before dying of a heart attack.

Joan’s Evil Twin, Naoj

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Why She Could Die: What better way to explain the turbulent goings-on of the 1960s than by blaming it all on Joan's evil doppelgänger?

How She Could Die: Knife fight with Pete's twin brother, Good Pete.

Don’s Brother

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Why He Could Die: Yes, he’s already dead. Which would only make it even more dramatic if it was revealed that he was actually alive and then he died again.

How He Could Die: Something ironic, like being hit by a truck full of mothers giving birth to babies.

Richard Nixon

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Why He Could Die: In our reality he lived until 1994, but killing off the president is a Mad Men staple (see JFK) and could send the show spiraling into a splinter reality where anything could happen.

How He Could Die: Alien attack. Yes, in Mad Men's new reality, aliens are real and they hate Nixon.

You And The Rest Of The Entire Audience

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Why You Could Die: Will the show be so good that you die from watching it? Maybe. And even if you don't die during the show, like all humans, you will eventually die.

How You Could Die: There's no way to know, which makes this the saddest death in all of Mad Men.