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We Made Novelty GOP Debate Twitter Accounts So No One Else Will

What if a funny moment happens during the debate and then someone makes a Twitter account about it?

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1. Marco Rubio's Water Cup

Hey, something funny could happen with me during the debate but I probably don’t need to be my own Twitter account, right?

Everybody shut up and get to Rubio drinking out of me!

2. Jeb Bush

Getting ready for the first debate tonight! Hope the moderators don't throw any THORNY questions my way!


My first Executive Order? No more birds eating our berries! NO MORE BIRDS. NO MORE BIRDS. #NOMOREBIRDS

3. Rand Paul's Right Bicep

I think I’ve got a pretty good *grip* on the issues!

I’m putting this debate in a metaphorical headlock!

4. A Struggling American Family


Wait a second…things are pretty hard for us! These guys are right!

Hoo boy, thanks to all these debaters for sticking up for me!

5. Binders Full Of Women 2016

What if someone mentions me? That would be so funny!

6. A Self-Deporting Immigrant

If these are the best candidates the GOP has to offer, maybe I WILL leave the country!


7. The Bridge From BridgeGate

Let's hope the ROAD to 2016 doesn't DRIVE over me!

Talk about troubled water! I’m over it (I’m over both literal water and this controversy, just to be clear).

8. Fantastic Four Or GOP?

Who Said It: The Thing or Ted Cruz? "It's clobberin' time!"

9. Cyberwalls

You can huff, you can puff, but you can't blow me down!

Be sure to check in during the debate for more unnecessary novelty Twitter accounts!