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Historical Moms You've Never Heard Of

Behind every great son is a great mom.

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1. Laurie Wright, Mother Of Orville and Wilbur

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed / Hulton Archive / Getty Images / Hemera / Andres Rodriguez

Like all kids, the Wright Brothers just wanted to stay inside and horse around. But Laurie, The Grandmother Of Flight, wasn’t having it. If she didn’t tell her boys to “stop playing airplane and start creating airplanes,” her sons never would have invented the flying machine.

2. Ruby Lincoln, Mother Of Abe

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed / Mpi / Getty Images / Photodisc / Jack Hollingsworth

It was her idea to add a celebratory “Woop woop!” to the end of the Emancipation Proclamation.

3. Tameeka Washington

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed / Emanuel Leutze / iStock / AndreyPopov / Via

Most moms don’t cotton to rebelliousness, but luckily George Washington’s mother didn’t mind. If she hadn't packed her son's entire brigade a PB&J sandwich and an apple for lunch, they would never have had the energy to cross the Delaware.

4. Joyce Churchill, Mother Of Winston

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed / Topical Press Agency / Getty Images / Stockbyte / Doyle & Griffin

The WWII-era prime minister inherited his mother’s gumption and leadership but, unfortunately, not her looks, as Winston was born looking like an old man. He is only 12 years old in this photo.

5. Wanda “Buzz” Aldrin, Mother Of Edwin

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed / - / Getty Images / Hemera / Pixland

Angry at her son for stealing her nickname, Wanda stowed away on his mission and became the first mom on the moon. Unfortunately, without a protective, oxygen-filled suit, Wanda also became the moon’s first casualty. She is buried in the Sea of Tranquility.