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9 Other Lies From The Official Bin Laden Report

Journalist Seymour Hersh says the White House’s account of Osama bin Laden’s death “might have been written by Lewis Carroll.”

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A blockbuster new report says the White House’s account of bin Laden’s death was almost wholly untrue.

Here are just a few of the details from the original account we now know to be false:

2. Bin Laden was not listening to “Life Is a Highway” at the time of his death.

3. President Obama did challenge Seal Team Six to a push-up contest after their mission to prove how strong he was but he did not win.


5. The Pakistani security agency ISI did not watch the raid from outside and shoot at bin Laden’s compound with finger guns.

7. When confronted, bin Laden did not say, “Hey, it’s me, another member of Seal Team Six. Now let’s go find this bin Laden guy.”

9. Bin Laden was buried at sea, but the terrorist leader did not wash up on shore, mysteriously still alive, and say, “I’ll get you next time, America.” He really is dead.