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Cool Off With This Sweet BuzzFeed Fan

No fan on hand? No problem, just use this one!

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update: skull in the fan?

Some readers are reporting seeing a skull in the above .gif of a fan. We can confirm there is no skull.

update: if you're seeing a skull, please contact us

We are hearing widespread reports that readers are seeing a skull in the fan. However we are unable to reproduce the glitch on our computers.

update: the skull may pose a risk to your health

We are still unable to confirm reports of a skull being seen in the above .gif. Try looking at other .gifs and at other, real life fans to see if you see a skull in those as well.

update: one girl saw the skull and then she died

If you are seeing the skull, it may be a warning of grave importance. We cannot be certain, as we're unable to see the skull.