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9 Gothamites Who Are Sick Of Batman's Shit

Dockworkers are the backbone of Gotham's shipping industry. But now they say they're under attack by a masked thug.

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1. Oscar Hernandez, 41

“If I work a night shift, I know at any point I could be unloading a ship then–BAM!–Batman punches me in the face then strings me upside-down from a light pole. I can’t work like that. Nobody can.”


5. Charlie Todd Flanagan, 43

"So we went to enjoy a drink at the Iceberg Lounge. I’m in the club and what do I see? Batman throwing my guys over a railing, screaming ‘Where are the drugs?’ Jesus Christ, Batman, we’re just trying to have a good time!”

7. Amit Ananth, 34

"On my first night, I heard a noise. I turned to look but saw nothing. When I turned back, a giant man in a black costume was mere inches from my face. He shouted at me, ‘Where are the drugs?’ I protested but he punched me in the face then strung me upside-down from a light pole.”