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21 Dogs Who Are Definitely Going To Heaven

These pups deserve eternal life.

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Don’t worry, all dogs go to Heaven!

"Will this dog go to Heaven?"

Dorottya_mathe / Getty Images

You bet he will!

"What about this dog?"

Ryan Mcvay / Getty Images

Him too! All dogs go to Heaven!

"Even this dog?"

Dziewul / Getty Images

Well…that's a cat. But maybe it’ll go to Heaven!

"What about this dog?"

Vbaleha / Getty Images

Again, that is not a dog.

"Are you saying this lovely grandmother is not going to Heaven?"

Vbaleha / Getty Images

She might! It’s just a lot more complicated with people than with dogs.

"So the most evil dog in the world gets to live forever in Heaven, but my grandma is condemned to Hell for all eternity?"

Cynoclub / Getty Images

I’m not saying that! All I’m saying is that all dogs go to Heaven.

"What about these dogs?"

Globalp / Getty Images

Great question! Yes, these dogs will definitely go to Heaven!

"But not Grandma?"

Vbaleha / Getty Images

I don't know! How could I know that? How could anyone know that?

"If I go to Heaven, will my dog be there? Or will he be in a second, Dog Heaven?"

Janka3147 / Getty Images

I really have no idea.

"Could my grandmother go to Dog Heaven?"

Vbaleha / Getty Images

She would be very out of place there. She wouldn’t enjoy it.

"So Grandma belongs in Dog Hell according to you?"

Geraldass / Vbaleha / Getty Images

No, of course not!

"What kind of all-powerful deity would design a system where dogs–slobbering, brainless dogs–all go to Heaven, but my grandmother doesn’t?"

Lilkar / Getty Images

That’s…that’s a very big question.

"Will I go to Heaven?"

Mycola / Getty Images


*assuming that you are a dog

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