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1920s Slang That Needs To Make A Comeback

These phrases are the cat's pajamas.

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1. Attaboy!

Meaning: a declaration of praise for a close friend.

"Attaboy, Frank! Your investment in the stock market is sure to have you spinning nickels in no time!"

3. Spifflicated

Meaning: drunk.

"We got spifflicated at the gin joint and wisely invested all of our money in the stock market, whose roaring performance will surely continue well into the Roaring '30s, Roaring '40s, and the Money for Everyone '50s!"


5. Giggle Water

Meaning: any drink with alcohol.

"Holy cats, my portfolio! And my bank just went out of business! Oh god, I just lost everything! I'm ruined! I need a giggle water, quick!"

8. Clams

Meaning: money.

"How many clams can I get for selling my blood? I have a whole trench coat covered in the stuff right here."

9. Big Sleep

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Meaning: death.

"Fake my own big sleep? It sounds crazy but I have nothing left to lose. I don't even have an insurance policy. I would just rather everyone think I were dead."

10. Copacetic

Meaning: wonderful.

"This New Deal sure is copacetic! And now that everyone recognizes the wisdom of long-term economic planning, the economy will be copacetic forever!"