17 Puppies You Need To See Before You Die [Coming Jan. 1st, 2088]

    These doggies could save your life.

    Are you ready for a lifesaving cuteness overload?

    Let's hope you stay ready, because this post full of cute pups will be published in full in the year 2088!

    1. You're just 73 years away from seeing this puppy!

    2. Eventually, there will be a photo of a dog right here!

    3. There'll be a dog right here, too!

    4. This is a pic of a weird-ass turtle. But by 2088, it'll be a pic a cute puppy.

    5. Let's not kid ourselves. You need to see 17 beautiful puppies before you die.

    6. But a LOT could happen between now and the year 2088. You may not live long enough to see this puppy.

    7. But it WILL be worth the wait. That's a promise.

    8. Here's a pic of a kitten in a cup to tide you over.

    9. Obviously, we could just track down some photos of some random cute puppies. But would they really be the lifesaving baby dogs you NEED? No.

    10. See the puppy below? He sucks. He is NOT one of the puppies you need in your life.

    11. In the first few drafts of this post, we had this puppy on the list:

    12. The we realized, "Wait. That's just a playground toy shaped like a dog."

    13. Then we found this amazing photo of a dog:

    14. But take a closer look - that's actually a drawing of a puppy. Not a photo.

    15. The majority of the puppies that will eventually be featured on this list haven't even been born yet. As of now, they may still be inside little dog eggs!

    16. Do dogs come from eggs? We. Don't. Know. That's just one of the reasons this post won't be ready until for at least 50 years.

    17. Please check back in the year 2088. Until then, here's a .gif from The Princess Diaries.