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    12 Signs Your Tinder Match Might Be A Bot

    Would that be such a bad thing?

    1. Only one photo.

    2. Their bio is just a suspicious link.

    3. They’re looking for “true love” even though true love doesn’t exist. But who's to say you couldn't love a bot?

    4. Stunted language. But that's no so different from all those real people who’ve hurt you. A bot would never hurt you.

    5. Photoshopped pics = Definitely a bot. Go along with it anyway. You're looking for a bot now.

    6. Their photos are all of actors. Swipe right anyway! Sure, you’d be giving your heart to some malicious code but loving a robot is the future.

    7. Remember, dirty talk is a sure sign of a bot. Also remember, a bot can be programmed to say, "I love you, too."

    8. Their profile appears to be everything you’re looking for. But are you foolish enough to get your hopes up? No. You’re looking for a bot now.

    9. A bot will message you IMMEDIATELY after matching. Message them back and say, “I love you. I know you’re a bot but I don’t care. I’m ready to commit.”

    10. They want to chat on a social network you’ve never even heard of before. This is the private moment between you and your bot that you’ve been waiting for. Go for it.

    11. Asking for your credit card info is classic bot behavior. Give the bot your money. Give the bot your feelings. Give the bot your love.

    12. Your match has stolen your identity and is now spamming others with your face. You are a bot now. You do not need human companionship. Congratulations!