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12 Questions Men Have For Women And/Or The Empty, Uncaring Universe

We want to know! But so far the universe has not answered.

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1. "Which qualities are most important in a guy? As in, which qualities define us as human?”

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2. “How important is it that your guy make you orgasm? Obviously, nothing is that important in the grand scheme of things.”

Imagine, Hurwitz, 20th Century Fox / Via

3. “Why?”

4. “Honestly, does size matter? Does anything matter?”

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5. “What’s something all women know that men don’t know? And how can we really ‘know’ anything with absolute certainty?”

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6. “Can men and women really be just friends? Or are we all doomed to die alone regardless of the personal connections we forge?”

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7. “How many dates should you wait before having sex, keeping in mind that time is relative. Or is time just an illusion?”

8. “Why do women all go to the bathroom together? Is there something in there that makes life worth living?”

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9. “What’s the first thing you notice about a man, aside from the fact that he never asked to be born yet he nevertheless was thrust into existence?”

10. “Is the G-spot a real thing? Or, like the meaning of life, is female pleasure merely a journey rather than an end in itself, the discovery of it being less important than the search?”

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11. “Do women touch their own boobs just for fun or is the pursuit of fun pointless?”

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12. “How come you're always so cold?”


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