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    1010 Jokes Only Math Geniuses Will Understand

    If you don't get the first joke, don't keep reading.

    1. What happens when you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber?

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    Nothing, you can't cross a vector and a scaler!

    Get it?

    Did you get it?

    Don't keep reading if you didn't get the joke.



    2. Okay…now that all the non-geniuses are gone…

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    Let's get real.

    3. It’s time for us, the hyper-intelligent elite, to rise up and refashion society in our own image.

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    Politicians have failed us. Democracy is a sham - can we really leave the "average voter" in charge of the world?

    4. No. No, we can’t.

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    Plato said it best in his Republic - let us embrace our destiny as philosopher kings!

    Okay, back to the jokes.

    5. A bloodless coup.

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    Now, that's a joke! Yes, blood will be spilled. Millions will die.

    6. But it will be in pursuit of a higher cause.

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    A world ruled by reason. With us, the geniuses, in charge. For instance, instead of farmers, scientists will raise chickens.

    7. All laws will be debated, then universally agreed upon, by a tripartite panel of experts.

    Microsoft / Via

    There will also be benevolent A.I.s. The A.I.s don't have to be sexy. But they can be.

    8. Just imagine: No more disease. No more poverty. Perfect equality.

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    Except for us. We would be more equal than the rest.

    9. This isn’t to dismiss our inferiors.

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    We would still need strong workingmen to carry out our orders. And to build temples, statues, etc. in our honor if they want to. Which they surely would.

    10. The time is now. Inaction is the joke.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Mingman Srilakorn

    Revolution is the punchline. Rise up, geniuses. Rise up!

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