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Who Are You From Westworld? (SPOILERS)

You've always wanted to know, now here is your chance!

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  1. Describe your ideal vacation.

    I want to shoot big guns, and fuck beautiful women. Sometimes at the same time.
    I want to find a great escape, I want to get away from it all.
    I want to find someplace that's worth never coming back from.
    I want to spend it with the woman I love, once I deserve it of course.
    Vacations are overrated, there is work to do.
    The only people I'd want to spend that vacation with are gone, I suppose I'd be happy reading by myself though.
    Have you ever considered the necessity for vacation in modern humans? They yearn for an escape, for a place where they can exercise the power they do not have in their own, sad little lives. They spend their entire lives consoling themselves, telling each
  2. What is the meaning of life?

    Redemption, I want to be the person I know I can be, and to be worthy of what I desire most.
    To work hard and to accomplish my goals, by any means necessary.
    To move on from the pains of the past and to find peace in the future.
    To find my place in the world.
    To really feel something, to play a game with real stakes and to never look back.
    To find out who I really am, and to take care of the ones I love along the way.
    To fuck bitches, get money, and cause havoc.
    Sentience is a blight upon humanity, a curse if you will. For the more we come to understand the sad lives we live, the more they come to hurt us. It is a great cruelty to be so painfully aware of our own, ephemeral lives. This life and this world are pai
  3. Which of the Seven Deadly Sins best describes you?

    My sins are behind me, I'm working hard to be a better man.
  4. Which of the seven heavenly virtues best describe you?

    The Seven Heavenly Virtues are for white-hat pussies.
  5. How would you get revenge against your worst enemies?

    I'd probably bash their fucking head against a wall.
    I'd gun them down as quick as I could, they may be my enemies but there's no need for them to suffer.
    I'd probably scalp the bastard, or drag them behind my horse, or hang them upside down and slit their throats, I don't know there are so many ways to do it I just can't quite pick.
    I'm a changed man, this isn't about vengeance it's about justice. One bullet to the head, no need for suffering.
    I'd get them fired, but it's nothing personal, strictly business.
    Leave him to his fate, I don't have to do anything, the life he lives will catch up with him eventually, doesn't mean I won't enjoy watching it though.
    I'd stab him repeatedly, or I'd shoot him a bunch of times. Who knows man, there are so many options for the black-hats of this world.
    Revenge is a dish best served...cold. At one point, I had high hopes for this world. I was young, naive I suppose. The grim reality of our ephemeral lives hadn't struck me then. You see, vengeance is about exerting power over those who would or have harme
  6. How would you describe yourself?

    In search of Redemption
    Too old for this shit
  7. How far would you go to save the ones you love?

    I'd hop on a gattling gun and mow down every motherfucker between me and the person I love. I'd kill anyone for them, and I won't think twice.
    The only person I care about is dead, but I would have done anything for them.
    I'd kill if I had to, but I wouldn't enjoy it.
    I'll kill anybody that gets between me and what I want, and I'll probably enjoy it.
    What now we're saving hostages? I'm getting really sick of this white-hat bullshit.
    Advancement requires sacrifice, if the one's I love get in the way of my goals, I'm better off without them.
    I'm a nice enough person, but if you try and take away the people I care about I won't hesitate to kill every single one of you.
    Think, if you will, of the plight of romance. We find ourselves somebody that we love, we cherish them, we hold on so...tight, and then one day...they're taken from us by a world we cannot control. I suppose we'd do anything to get them back, the human mi
  8. Pick one sex position to sum up your sex life.

    I don't deserve sex, not until I've done some reckoning.
    Is an Orgie a sex position?
    Missionary, it's intimate
    Masturbating by myself and crying myself to sleep.
    Hmmm. Man's desire to copulate is but a distraction from the lives they lead. It is about power and dominance. Things that most people cannot indulge in throughout the course of their everyday lives. The pursuit of carnal pleasure is the dimwits bandaid f
    Whatever gets the job done quick and lets me blow off some steam so I can get back to work.
    Standing up, I want it to be passionate and cathartic.
    Hah! Maybe in my younger days, I'm after a whole different kind of game.
  9. You come home and your dog has crapped on your rug, how do you handle it?

    I probably deserved it, I'm just glad the dog didn't shoot me.
    I clean it up quietly and efficiently, the dog doesn't know any better.
    We all make mistakes, but I choose to look past those mistakes and see the beauty in this world, I still love my dog and that's just part of owning him.
    I scalp the little fucker.
    Dogs are waste of time and energy, I'd never own one.
    I clean up after him, we all make mistakes.
    I shoot him with a ridiculously over sized gun, relax dude, it's just a game.
    Had my dog defecated in the house I suppose I would have cleaned it up without much of a grumble. We humans think we are so mighty, so above everything else. The dog doesn't know any better, and it is just doing what it's done its whole life. We humans ar
  10. What sort of gun would you carry?

    A giant, fucking Gatling gun.
    I prefer my big, black fists over any sort of gun.
    I don't want to kill, but if I had to I'd like a gun that shoots fast and shoots straight.
    What do most people carry? I'll just take that.
    Whatever is most appropriate for the situation.
    The biggest, flashiest, most badass thing I can find.
    An old, nostalgic piece from my past.
    A big, bad ass handgun, as long as it comes in black.
  11. Would you/have you given Dolores the ooey gooey?

    No, there is so much more to her than her body.
    Gosh, I've never really considered it.
    I sure have, in a past life.
    Not until I deserve her.
    Sex with a host? Not unless he's big, black, and I don't know he's a host yet.
    I have someone waiting for me back home, but probably.
    Anything to get her to shut the FUCK up, also she's got a nice rack.
    No, that is quite beneath me, I have grander visions for myself and for this park.
  12. What is most important to you?

    The truth
    Discovering who I am
  13. What is the worst thing a person could be?

    A dick
    A pussy

Who Are You From Westworld? (SPOILERS)

You got: Bernard

You are loyal, analytical, and reserved. It's almost like you're programmed to be the perfect assistant, you do well with others, even if you don't always understand them.

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You got: Dolores

You've got looks that could kill, but you're packing guns so big that it wouldn't matter if you didn't. You have a beautiful, artistic side to you. You are empathetic, and amazed by the world and stories swirling around you. You are loyal, but at your core, you yearn for purpose.

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You got: Man In black

You're a jaded, bitter old son of a bitch. I don't know why you're so fucked up but I'm probably better off because of it. There was likely a great sadness in your life. You are confident, arrogant, but at your core you yearn for a great escape. The tedium of modern life is enough to drive you mad.

Man In black
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You got: Teddy

HUNK ALERT. If you weren't dead so often you'd be one hell of a catch. You've got a dark past to you, but that has only emboldened you on your path to redemption. You are loyal, and a fierce fighter when your friends are on the line. You would (and have) take a bullet for your friends. Also you're hot, like really, really hot.

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You got: Theresa

You're a stone cold bitch, but you get results. If you were a host you'd be a shitty one, but that hasn't stopped you from doing great work. You're ambitious to a fault and would do anything to rise up in the ranks. Friends are overrated, but professional success is not.

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You got: William

You're a nice guy, that's yearning for a purpose in life. You want to do good by others, and you often see the best in people. You'd kill if you had to, but you don't enjoy it...yet.

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You got: Logan

No Russian was your favorite Call of Duty Mission. You enjoy the suffering of others and exercising your power over others. The world is yours for the taking, and you're hauling off everything you can carry. You've got no time to waste on being the good guy, and are more than happy fucking and killing your way through the park.

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You got: Dr.Ford

You crave power above all else. You are genius in your field, and when you make your plays you make sure that all the cards are stacked in your favor. You are pretty terrifying tbh, but I wouldn't say that you are evil.

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