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Iceland Sucks. Don't Go There.

The mediocrity of Iceland told through Instagram.

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Welcome to 2017. All of your friends are going to Iceland and posting their pics on Instagram. The truth is, they aren’t having as much fun as you think. Iceland is highly overrated as a destination; let me explain using the help of a few pics from real Instagram accounts.

You Can't Pronounce Reykjavik and I Can't Either

If you had to YouTube how to pronounce the name of Iceland’s capital then you’re not alone. What does the J do after the K anyway?

I guess the city’s buildings can look ok with their array of color, but still, the climate is way too cold with their warmest average highs in July only hitting 56 degrees.

Airplanes Are Common

You don’t need to cross the globe to see an airplane. Airplanes are common, they can be seen flying overhead in cities and even occasionally pass by out in the country. People that travel to Iceland lack originality. They post pictures of THE SAME PLANE. It’s always that same one. Let me show you what I mean:

I guess you could visit the DC3 plane wreckage, but good luck on finding a unique angle.

Wow, Waterfalls

A waterfall is a steep descent of water. They are incredibly commonplace happenings. You may see one when you turn on your faucet, your shower, or in a fancy hotel lobby. There is absolutely no reason to leave your continent to see water cascade down from some rocks. If that doesn’t convince you waterfalls aren’t amazing, realize that some waterfalls have a crushing force that may prove fatal if you fell into their path. They are something to be avoided. Let’s examine a few in Iceland:

Instagram: @icelandtravel

This one looks like the faucet in my bathroom.

Instagram: @martinjphoto

Ok, I'll admit, I kind of like this one.

Instagram: @michellelianegerovac

Here are too many waterfalls in one place. Save some for the rest of the world.

If you like waterfalls, I guess Iceland may be the place to go. Iceland has so many waterfalls that some don’t even have formal names. You’ve got this one; I’m good with the cascade in the hotel lobby.

Dreary Wedding Pics

I’ve started noticing on Instagram that couples are going Iceland to get devastatingly emo wedding pics. I couldn’t believe it was a real thing at first. I realized that these people are actually doing it right. If you are looking for snow covered volcanic rock in your wedding pics, Iceland may be the exact place for you:

Instagram: @evan_civas

Awww. This one still makes me cold.

Well there you have it. That’s the highly overrated island-country Iceland.

Forget everything I said before, and go to Iceland. You won’t regret beautiful Reykjavik, the intriguing airplane wreckage, or the countless breathtaking waterfall views. If you feel so inclined, bring you significant other to take beautiful couple photos with dramatic views.

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