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    • samuelh4

      I identify as The Hulk. I know in my heart I am The Hulk though I am trapped in a human body. I demand to be allowed to come to work wearing ripped purple pants, a ripped shirt, or no shirt depending on my mood, and covered in green body paint. Furthermore I will only communicate in grunts, growls, or the occasional “Hulk smash.” It is up to you to adapt to my condition, not the other way around. Furthermore work must provide a beater car for me that I can go and smash during my lunch breaks. I wouldn’t want to do it on the clock. That would be stealing. When dining out, no shoes, no shirt, no service does not apply to me as that is discrimination.   Speaking of discrimination if anyone says something I disagree with I will have to file a complaint as I being the only green one around am the obvious victim regardless of any so-called facts, or truth. Adding to that if someone commits a crime against me it will also automatically be a hate crime since I being The Hulk am a minority. Also if some group decides they want to have an event such as a parade I have every right to force my way into it to display my Hulk pride.   Finally, if I ever join the military, or am placed in jail then these organizations must spend tax money for gamma radiation research so that they can complete my human to The Hulk transformation. Anyone who disagrees with me is a Hulkophobe.

    • samuelh4

      CDC says 1 in 5 homo/bisexual men has a FATAL, contagious disease (HIV). Half don’t even know it. The HIV rate is falling for all groups EXCEPT homo/bisexual men. They also lead the league in most STDs. Gee, I wonder why the media seldom mentions this?
      The more the lib media cheerleads homosexuality, the higher the infection rates rise. “Homophobia” is not bigotry; it’s common sense.

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