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What Do Music, History And Modern Day All Have In Common?

In a sentence: They have everything in common.

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"Why are we all yelling?!"

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When paying attention to the news it may seem like humanity is collectively being pulled apart. There are a lot of factors at play, though differences in politics and culture are at the forefront of those factors that are doing the most “damage” to our unity.

Though we aren't COMPLETELY torn apart...

Through the turmoil we all clearly remain unified in one way: we are all watching to see what happens next. We are on our phones and laptops, televisions and tablets, constantly refreshing and checking feeds to see if the next big source of unrest has reared its head. Our society loves to be on the bleating edge of the news, and our interconnected, technology-driven lives have allowed us to reach a whole new level of immersion in that news.

The happenings of the world fuel our creativity.

In fact, our society has become so immersed in, as Twitter says, “what’s happening” that the clear line previously defining entertainment and news media has been muddied. The result of this? A society with a culture that has brought together the media realms of entertainment and news – business and pleasure, if you will – to create a unique situation. The music, movies, photographs and paintings of today more clearly reflect the unrest of the people. An unrest that is being fueled by a new wave of encouragement of individuality and self-expression.

This may sound new... but it's not in the slightest!


In the 50s and 60s, the baby boomer generation was coming of age after being raised on a steady moral diet of individualism and self-expression. No longer were the beliefs of the children expected to be those of their parents, but rather new ideas that the children had sought out for themselves. It was these ideas that shaped the soulful rock n’ roll of the 50s. This intermingling of new wave values and music really takes the spotlight in the late 60s, with artists like Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Springfield and countless others pouring their souls into their craft in protest to many social and political issues of the day.

The past isn't trapped in the past.


The sentiments of these artists aren’t frozen in time. The songs and melodies of older generations resonate with a new generation faced with a new set of familiar issues. Again, it’s easy to feel uncertainty about the future with such bleak news filling our timelines hour after hour. Though by taking a closer look at the music of the past, it seems more evident with each passing day that history is repeating itself and that these “oldies” may be young at heart.

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