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16 Things Cat People Are Sick Of Hearing

Before you say any of these things, don't.

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1. "You're a little too obsessed with cats."

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And they invented the written language, so I think they knew a thing or two about the world. (The Egyptians, not cats.)

2. "I hate cats."


That's a good way to end a friendship.

3. "You have too many cats."

Coca-Cola / Via

There's no such thing as too many cats though.

4. "Why would you rather hang out with a cat over a person?"

CBS / Via

Plus, they're really fuzzy.

5. "Did you just talk to a cat??"

BBC / Via

They're good listeners.

6. "Cats aren't capable of love."

FX Networks

You obviously have not had a cat brush its tail against your leg, because then you would know true love.

7. "Did you just meow?"

The CW / Via

It's actually a very expressive word. And also strangely cathartic to say.

8. "I'm just personally not that into cats."

Lifetime / Via

You're only hurting yourself, my friend.

9. "Sorry, I'm a dog person."

NBC / Via

But in all seriousness, you can be both. I promise.

10. "Aren't there any cats you don't like? "



11. "Why do you keep talking about your cat?"

NBC / Via

I love every cat, but mine is obviously the best.

12. "You're really becoming a crazy cat-person."

CityTV / Via

"Crazy" is just another word for passionate.

13. "If cats are so great, then why did a cat scratch me this one time??"

The CW / Via

Probably cause you were being a dick, tbh.

14. "It's a cat, not a baby."

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Every cat is a baby. (Ever baby, however, is not a cat.)

15. "Cats are going to get between you and your partner."

Jurow-Shepherd / Via

I think we can work through it.

16. "What so great about cats?"


Everything. Literally everything.

Basically, stop questioning our eternal love for the feline species. You're never going to change us. And if you can't beat us, then you should really join us.

Jenna Marbles / Via

You'll be much happier.

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