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    The Stages Of Realizing You Can't Get Job Experience Because All Jobs Require Experience

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    1. Graduating college like a boss.

    2. Assessing the job market.

    CBS / Via

    3. But still proceeding with naive optimism.

    CWTV / Via

    4. Blindly applying to dream jobs.

    Disney / Via

    5. Not hearing back from anyone.

    The Voice / Via

    6. Revising your outlook.

    NBC / Via

    7. Looking at more practical jobs.

    ITV / Via

    8. Reading that even these jobs require experience you don't have.

    Filmirage / Via

    9. Becoming disillusioned with the American Dream.

    Film4 / Via

    10. Crying.

    Fox / Via

    11. Adding "fast learner" to your resume in hopes that it will make up for lacking experience.

    Incentive Filmed Entertainment / Via

    12. Applying to dozens of mediocre jobs.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    13. Sitting by your phone, expecting a call.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    14. Realizing no one is going to call you.

    ABC / Via

    15. Getting sick of advice from your parents.

    FX Networks / Via

    16. Looking into alternatives like international volunteer organizations.

    Lionsgate / Via

    17. Realizing that you aren't even qualified for those.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    18. Deciding you really just weren't meant to contribute to society.

    NBC / Via

    19. Giving up.

    CBS / Via

    20. Remembering you still need to pay rent.

    21. Searching desperately for any job at all.

    By George Productions (II) / Via

    22. Working somewhere you don't want to work.

    JbDubs / Via YouTube

    23. Taking a deep breath.

    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via

    24. And continuing the job hunt.

    NBC / Via
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