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    20 Problems Only Overly Empathic People Understand

    Though, to be honest, understanding is kind of our thing.

    1. Crying whenever someone else cries.

    2. Finishing a movie/book/show and having to remind yourself that you are not a character from that universe.

    3. Accidentally assuming other people's personalities.

    4. Unconsciously mirroring other people's body language.

    5. Knowing when your friends are being fake.

    6. Always falling victim to mob mentality.

    7. Being overly affected by fictional drama.

    8. Not being able to have a good time if your friend isn't.

    9. Being tormented by other people's suffering.

    10. Experiencing other people's physical ailments.

    11. Assuming everyone else's problems onto yourself.

    12. Being nosy by default because if you're going to feel someone's pain, you want to know why it's happening.

    13. Having to take a break from other people to remember your actual personality.

    14. Having to stop yourself from comforting complete strangers.

    15. Bonding too quickly with people because you feel like you know them already.

    16. Being able to relate to terrible people and hating it.

    17. Having a hard time watching really violent or scary movies/shows.

    18. Getting overwhelmed in crowds.

    19. Getting frustrated when other people don't immediately sense your emotional state.

    20. Always catching other people's (or animals') yawns.

    But still, everything considered, you wouldn't give up your empathic skills for anything.