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    17 Galatic DIYs Your Star Wars Obsessed Kid Will Be Begging You To Make

    You can't escape it.....Star Wars mania is unleashed.

    1. Bowling on the Dark Side

    The Kiwi in the Clouds / Via

    Get the easy DIY here.

    2. Lego C3P0 and R2D2

    Frugal Fun For Boys / Via

    Learn step by step here.

    3. An out of this world easy Star Wars blanket

    Tauni Everett / Via

    Read all about it here.

    4. BB-8 Costume for Halloween (or everyday)

    Desert Chica / Via

    Find the instructions here.

    5. A Millennium Falcon

    All For The Boys / Via

    See the full tutorial here.

    6. Lightsaber Sensory Bottles

    Little Bins For Little Hands / Via

    Learn more here.

    7. X-Wing Fighter Crayons

    Carrie Elle / Via

    See the easy steps here.

    8. BB-8 Cupcakes

    Baking Mischief / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    9. A Pencil Holder

    Crafts By Amanda / Via

    See the full directions here.

    10. Glowing Death Star Wall Art

    320 Sycamore / Via

    Learn all the steps here.

    11. Easy Peasy Lightsaber Pencils

    Keeping It Simple / Via

    Find the steps here.

    12. An awesome Death Star chalkboard globe

    In My Wheele House / Via

    Get the full instructions here.

    13. Star Wars Mouse Ears T-Shirts

    Seven Thirty Three / Via

    See the full tutorial here.

    14. TIE Fighter Bookshelf

    Handmade With Ashley / Via

    Get the directions here.

    15. Lightsaber popsicle holders for those hot summer days

    Craft Create Love / Via

    Find the steps here.

    16. Star Wars Nesting Dolls

    Daze And Knights / Via

    See the full tutorial here.

    17. Star Wars Hand Warmers

    Cherished Bliss / Via

    Find the directions here.

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