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Here's Why The Galaxy Watch4 Is Truly The Watch That Knows You Best

Stylish, but make it smart. Get active and stay connected with Samsung's Galaxy Watch4.

Say hello to the new Galaxy Watch4, please.

Perspective image of black Galaxy Watch4

With a lightweight, super-sleek design, the Galaxy Watch4 complements everything from your fave yoga pants to your spiffiest suit.

Person prepares to throw a frisbee while sporting a green Galaxy Watch4

The watch also features "Auto Workout Tracking," which allows you to monitor your fitness goals with ease.

Person runs against industrial backdrop while wearing Galaxy Watch4

The Watch4's target-based sleep management means getting you every bit closer to those coveted eight hours.

Person lays in bed as sun pokes from behind bedroom curtains

And it's basically an extension of your phone.

Person wearing earbuds and a backwards cap sports a silver Galaxy Watch4

Plus, it's new and improved: The Watch4 is set apart from its predecessors in its advanced display and connectivity.

Product image of green Galaxy Watch4 laid out horizontally

The watch is available in four different colors and two separate sizes to suit your style.

Product image of green Galaxy Watch4 and pink gold Galaxy Watch4

Imagery courtesy of Samsung unless otherwise noted.

Isn't it about time you had a watch that just gets you? Shop the Galaxy Watch4 today!