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Things You Didn't Know You Could Wash In A Laundry Machine

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Bed Pillow

Washer: Gentle cycle, warm water

Patio Chair Pads

Washer: Gentle cycle, cold water

With larger cushions, do not force them in. Wash one at a time.

Pet Beds

Remove cover and any pet hair, if needed.

Washer: Regular cycle, hot water or warm water, depending on material. Read the labels!

Small Rug (made of cotton or synthetic fibers)

Washer: Gentle cycle, cold water.

Note: Do not wash them too often.

Sports Equipment

Washer: Regular cycle, warm water

Check the type of fabric on the inside and sides of the sports equipment. That is where sweat and dirt collect.

Oven Mitts

Washer: Regular cycle, hot or warm water

Canvas or Nylon Shoes (No Sneakers!)

Washer: Gentle cycle, cold water to prevent warping


Washer: Gentle cycle, cold water

Reusable Shopping Bags

Washer: Gentle cycle, warm water

Cloth or canvas only