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11 Kitchen DIY Projects That Will Help You Get Organized

'Cause an organized kitchen is a happy kitchen.

1. Leave the days of a disorganized measuring cup drawer behind and verticalize with this chalkboard cabinet.

Courtesy of Modish & Main / Via

Full instructions here.

2. Keep your keys and little extras off the countertops with a handy kitchen command center.

Courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic / Via

Try this DIY here!

3. Sort your favorite teas seamlessly with a coat of paint for color-coded drawers.

Courtesy of Saltbush Avenue / Via

Get your craft on here.

4. Customize your own backsplash organizer for the kitchen that's short on countertop space.

Courtesy of Her Tool Belt / Via

Start customizing here!

5. Prep your pantry for any party that might come your way with a convenient organizing rack.

Courtesy of Lil Luna / Via

Create it here!

6. Ditch the mess of basic soap containers and level up with this adorable soap dispenser.

Courtesy of Ashely Hacksaw / Via

Start your project here!

7. Optimize your spice organization with an in-cupboard magnetic spice rack.

Courtesy of Jessi Wohlwend @ Practically Functional / Via

See the full instructions here.

8. Revamp, reorganize, and relabel your refrigerator interior with these elegant labels.

Courtesy of The Social Home / Via

Start your labelling here!

9. Curb your family's snacking habits with this handy snack bin.

Courtesy of My Love 2 Create / Via

Get your craft on here.

10. No more messy piles of paper! Show off your kids' art or track homework assignments with this easy display DIY board.

Courtesy of LollyJane / Via

Begin your DIY project here!

11. Keep all your devices nearby and charged without the stress of tangled wires with a DIY recharging station.

Courtesy of Lil Luna / Via

Get the full instructions here.

Whether you’re an organizing pro or your kitchen is a chill mess, you’ll always be able to rely on your Family Hub™ refrigerator.

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