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11 Ordinary Things That Look Oddly Satisfying In Slow-Motion

So mesmerising. Make your everyday epic with the Super Slow-mo camera, only on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

1. This bath tap that looks like a majestic waterfall:

2. This electric toothbrush you'd look forward to using twice a day:

3. These thirsty flowers:

4. This glass of wine you'll want to get lost in:

5. These hypnotic bubbles:

6. These almonds that sure know how to dance:

7. This slow and satisfying shaving cream ooze:

8. This whirlwind of hair:

9. This cup of tea with a dash of milk and drama:

10. This captivating Slinky:

11. And this mesmerising misstep:

All GIFs shot by BuzzFeed in Super Slow-mo on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Even the most mundane things look epic at 960 frames per second. Get Super Slow-mo, only on the new Samsung Galaxy S9.