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10 Amazing Tech Innovations Through The Years

Now it's easier than ever to never log off of your computer!

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2. Communication: Then Vs. Now

With international video chat and roughly a million-and-a-half social networks, it's never been easy to Skype your cat's TwitVid on his Tumblr-Book!

4. Internet Access: Then Vs. Now

With Wi-fi signals coming out of our Wi-fi signals, it's never, ever been easier to connect to the world wide web. In fact, you're probably on the Internet right this second. Call it a hunch.

5. Speed: Then Vs. Now

This last decade's drastic increase in computer speed is something of a monkey's paw: the shorter our boot times, the shorter our attention spans get, which means that UGH BORED NOW TIME FOR CAT VIDEOS.

9. Price: Then Vs. now

It used to be that only six-figure high-rollers would go home to their own personal computers. Nowadays? We just got a complimentary netbook in our last McDonald's Happy Meal. The times, they are a'changin'.

10. Portability: Then Vs. Now

It's never been easier to own a portable PC, and there's never been a 15-inch notebook quite like the razor thin Series 9 laptop, Samsung's sleekest laptop to date. This ultra-light, ultra-fast PC will make you rethink what you knew about portable computing.