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12 Times You Totally Talked To An Inanimate Object

You're not crazy -- we've all been there. The good news is, with the Samsung Smart Home, now when you talk to inanimate objects you won't be wasting your breath.

1. When your computer insisted on taking forever to load up.

2. When you tried convincing your cell phone to get reception.

3. When your shower decided to play a prank on you and blasted you with cold water.

4. When you were convinced the wires and cords were scheming against you.

5. When your alarm clock refused to let you sleep.

6. When you microwaved your leftovers for a minute and they were still cold.

7. When you finally made it home, to your bed, after a long day.

8. When you had a fight to the death with a jar of olives.

9. When you were late to your morning meeting, and the elevator refused to come.

10. When you were stuck at the same traffic light for 10 minutes.

11. When you saw the most glorious grilled cheese sandwich you've ever seen in your life.

12. And when your TV refused to let your football team score.

Wish some of these objects could talk back? Here's one inanimate object that has no problem giving you a piece of its mind: