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11 Tips To Get Amazing Summer Photos With Samsung Galaxy S20

Upgrade your photography game with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series 5G and document sweet summer moments – including stunning selfies!

1. "Golden hour" is the best hour for photography.

2. Try focusing on one subject at a time.

3. Easily upgrade your bland photo with the rule of thirds.

4. In poorly lit situations, the flash is not your friend.

5. Don't be an over-filterer.

6. Negative space is a positive.

7. Find an angle that's not so basic.

8. Look for creative ways to use the weather to your advantage.

9. Play with your camera settings — don't just go automatic.

10. Shoot, shoot, and shoot some more!

11. Have fun!

Take incredible photos on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series 5G! Buy it online or at all major carrier and retail partners across Canada.

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