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11 Times Your Phone Battery Has Betrayed You

You're just trying to live. But your current phone battery has other ideas, like dying just when you need it. Samsung Galaxy S7's battery just wants to make sure you get the most out of it.

1. When you've been trying to see where your friends are while on a night out...

2. ...and then in the morning after seeing 50 "Where are you?" messages or even the "u up?" from someone special.

3. Or even worse. At a music festival.

4. That time you were really feeling your look and wanted to grab a selfie.

5. Just as you're leaving work and all you wanted to do was listen to some music on the way home.

6. The exact minute you got straight-up lost and need a map right then and there.

7. When your friends started to roast you in the group messages, and you were about to return the banter.

8. Halfway through an important phone call. Like a job interview or giving someone details as reference.

9. When you needed a ride-share.

"Looks like I'm walking"

10. When your fully charged phone hits 23% after sending just one damn text a minute after unplugging it from charging.

11. The one morning you wanted to be productive and get up early so you had an alarm set.

Not being able to do what you want when you want because of bad phone battery life sucks. But with the Samsung Galaxy S7, you get so much more battery life.