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This Is How Many Photos It Takes To Destroy A Phone's Battery

It just wouldn't end.

Samsung said their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best for phone battery life. So I tried to kill it after just one charge by taking a bunch of photos, thinking it wouldn't last very long at all. I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Picture #1:

And so my adventure began...

I even did the whole standing-on-my-chair-to-try-to-get-one-of-those-cool-overshot-pics pics. But at that point, everyone in the café was staring at me as if I were the weird one. Also by that point I'd taken nearly 70 photos or so already. Thirty of those were of this epic bagel from 1 Abercrombie Lane.

After my "food" photo shoot, I finally got to get a coffee at my favourite place to get one every morning, Marlowe's Way on Tank Stream Way.

At this point, I walked into work and realised I'd taken a lot of photos — and the battery was still kicking on at 100%.

The fried chicken burger and agave old-fashioned were both awesome, but I was still mastering the art of "food porn" photography.

Luckily, there were some interesting things going on for me to check out and try to drain the battery with. But then I got hungry again. So I went in search for dinner.

I tried to smash a million photos of this badass band thinking it would dent the battery life. But the battery life was going nowhere.

I'd taken at least 400 pictures throughout the day, but the battery was kicking my ass. So I gave up and continued into the next day to keep going until it died.

Day 2:

I tried to take this "artsy" moving-from-the-train picture. You know the one, when you're listening to music while looking out the window pretending to be in a movie.

When I got to work, I decided to change up my tactics. It'd be selfie city from then on in an effort to kill the battery. So. Many. Selfies.

Work was crazy too, and because I thought this would be over the day before, I didn't have budget to go and do fancy lunch again. So I went with the staple ramen.

I went back to the selfie attack...which went against my natural instincts never to take more than two selfies a day.

Day 3:

I went back to trying to be a food photographer, and I must say, finally by day three, I got a little bit better at it. Then again, this lunchtime pizza just looked epic.

It seemed to work a little. The flamingo was very photogenic.

Now officially crying for help.

Even though my face didn't show it, I was elated it was almost over. I just started piling on layers to see what would happen.

Picture #740:

Get more battery life with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

All photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.