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12 Signs You’re A King Or Queen Of Multitasking

Here's to those who love a complicated life. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an ideal companion for aspiring and master multitaskers alike.

1. Your life is pretty much one big balancing act.

2. You could never just do one thing.

3. No. You have to do many things at once.

4. Like, you never just eat. You have to eat and do something else.

5. And phone conversations are the perfect time to catch up on other things.

6. Your talents are many.

7. You know cooking is the perfect time to catch up on reading.

8. Actually, so is walking.

9. You're always finding ingenious ways to get things done.

10. You know how to make the most of any opportunity.

11. You know you shouldn't text and walk, but you do it anyway.

12. And you always overbook yourself, but you're good at keeping everyone happy at once.

Now you can upgrade your multitasking with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.