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12 Things People Who've Let Go Of Something Will Understand

Grudges, crappy boyfriends, and even old phones – it feels good to let go.

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1. At first you thought it would be the hardest thing you'd ever do in your entire life.

2. You didn't know if you would be able to survive without it.

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3. "Should I or shouldn't I?" became your life motto.


4. You ignored all advice from friends, colleagues, your mum…

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They just didn't get it.

5. …until one day out of nowhere you just went, “It’s time.”

6. And just like that, you were free...


7. to try new things!

8. Some new things you liked.

9. Others you really liked.

10. At times you thought about the past and got a little sad...

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11. ...until you started laughing at yourself because what were you thinking.

12. Letting go made you a brand-new person!


So new it took you a while to recognise yourself.

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