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14 Fashion Fails You Should Try To Avoid

If you ever were guilty of one of these faux pas, hopefully the incident wasn't photographed. Keep up with style and fashion on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

1. Avoid socks and sandals.

2. Especially avoid socks and sandals while wearing velvet pants.

3. Full sentences belong on paper, not on T-shirts.

4. There's no need to bring out the big guns when it comes to eyelashes.

5. And unless you're carrying military supplies during the Vietnam War, don't wear cargo shorts.

6. Wearing a skort is like saying "I'm incapable of choosing between a skirt and shorts."

7. Combat boots don't belong at the beach. Tie-dye tank tops don't belong anywhere, ever.

8. There is such a thing as too much pink.

9. The same thing goes for too much denim.

10. We're very serious about the "too much denim" thing.

11. Unless you're an accountant from the 1930s, you can skip the visor.

12. There are very few situations where this many sequins are acceptable:

13. Don't wear a hat that could double as a party platter.

14. If you're going to work on the farm today, overalls are fine. If you're not, they're an overall bad idea.

Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is always in style. Use it to stay up on the latest fashion trends.