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This 360 Camera Will Take Your Holiday Card Up A Notch

2D holiday cards are SO 2016.

Think about it: The formula for a holiday card hasn't changed since dinosaurs roamed this earth. If you tend go the homemade route, it looks like this:

It's classic! Timeless. If it ain't broke, etc. But let's agree that we're long overdue for an update. That's where this awesome little device comes in.

This is the new Samsung Gear 360 — it takes both 360 images AND 360 video. It also takes your standard holiday card to the next level. Watch how we did it and feel free to experiment on your own. The possibilities are endless!

Once you've got your hands on the camera, you'll just need to download the free Gear 360 app. It's what you use to control the camera and review images.

OK, so the first part of this process is shockingly similar to the original holiday card formula. Wrangle up your kin, shove 'em into some sweaters, and rig up the camera (which fits on any standard tripod) in any half-decent landscape.

All right! Hardest part is over. Controlling the camera with your phone, you can now take pics and video and review really easily.

Here's where you get to have fun with it. Don't feel like you need to stick to the traditional configurations. Move around! Experiment! There are no wrong ideas. The camera has its own storage system, and you're able to save the ones you want to your phone — so get shutter-happy.

And don't forget that you can capture actual 360 VIDEO with this little device. That's some next, NEXT level holiday card nonsense. Go nuts!

Whether you're printing or emailing, this cool little camera will elevate your holiday card with, honestly, very minimal effort. Happy snapping!