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6 Unique Gift Guides For The Tech-Obsessed Person

If they use technology, we know what to get them.

Serve up great gifts that'll have them dishing out the delicious foods they love to make. While they're whipping up recipes in the kitchen, the Samsung Gear Sport can help them stay connected, set timers, control music, and pay for their groceries with ease.

For your friend who loves to bust a move! Think of the adrenaline rush they'll get when you give them these sleek and stylish #fitspiration finds, like the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, which can help track progress, control music, and reach goals — rain or shine.

Picture this: the look on their face when you give them gifts that will help them capture long-lasting memories, including the Samsung Gear Sport, which can be helpful on shoots by sending weather updates or notifications. They'll never miss golden hour again!

The holiday season is a journey, but just because they love going off the grid doesn't mean they have to totally go off-course. Let them customize how they stay prepared with the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, so they can focus on the adventures ahead.

With these gifts, they'll have all of the tools it takes to totally nail the holidays. It's easy to get lost in a good project, but with the Samsung Gear Sport, it's even easier to choose which notifications are a priority, so they can focus on building memories that'll last.

Help the most organized person in your life dot every i and cross every t with gifts that will bring them more satisfaction than a completely crossed-off list of to-dos — especially the Samsung Gear Sport, which makes planning easy with calendar updates, text and email notifications, and more.

Photographs by Sarah Stone; Illustrations by Danielle Ceneta / © BuzzFeed

Make the tech-obsessed person in your life's holiday season special with Samsung.

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