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    This Crazy Mashup Of Movies Released In 2016 Will Blow Your Mind

    Grab some popcorn and buckle up.

    Everyone knows 2016 has been a long-ass year and it's about damn time it's coming to a close. But despite all the 💩 we've had to deal with, it's been a pretty good year for movies.


    That's why you HAVE to check out this truly insane six-minute movie trailer mashup from YouTuber Sleepy Skunk. It fits all the best (and worst) movies from this year into one jam-packed trailer:

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    It's got all your favorites from blazing action movies like Suicide Squad...

    Warner Bros. side-splitting comedy like Ghostbusters...

    Sony artsy-fartsy Oscars fare like Jackie.

    Fox Searchlight

    2016 may have been a flaming dumpster fire, but at least we had some good movies to get us through it!

    Warner Bros.

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