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15 Pictures That Will Make Every True Pizza Lover Scream "I REBUKE IT IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!"

How do you say "abomination" in Italian?

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...considered more beautiful then THIS?!

6. Pineapple belongs in a Dole Whip...

Instagram: @low_helen

8. But on a PIZZA?!? What kind of nonsense is this?

Instagram: @goodfoodtrip

9. Italians are rolling over in their GRAVES!!!

Instagram: @austenpevehouse

11. *Gags, wretches, convulses in Italian.*

Instagram: @mustbemarvelous

12. Don't worry, we're almost all the way through.

Instagram: @foodanddrinksphi

13. Don't close your browser yet...

Instagram: @len2k620

15. ...OK DONE. Good luck getting a good night's sleep tonight!

Instagram: @tropiccrustpizza