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17 Father's Day Cards That Will Test Your Faith In Humanity

Kids these days...

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1. Does something smell funny in here? DAD, WAS THAT YOU???

2. Well, we know how THIS dad will be celebrating Father's Day.

3. Their love for their dad is only eclipsed by their hunger.

4. One Direction? More like One Dadrection.

5. Presented without comment.

6. Well, it was nice knowing you Dad!

7. Award for Strangest Father's Day Card Ever goes to this strange, frightening gem.

8. Apparently, modesty skipped a generation.

9. Really, it's clear dads need to do a better job of raising humble children.

10. Nothing like feeling very creeped out on Father's Day!

11. Clearly this dad instilled a healthy sense of humor in his kids.

12. This kid may be taking Father's Day gifts a little too literally.

13. Maybe all the apple juice keeps dad super skinny?

14. If this is true, it gives a new and very literal meaning to the term "Baby Daddy."

15. This kid can't make up their mind about which day to really celebrate.

16. Dad didn't teach Mitchel that looks aren't everything, clearly.

17. But really, kids can be the absolute SWEETEST, right?

Happy Father's Day, dads!

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