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    We Need To Talk About How "The Emperor's New Groove" Is The Best Disney Movie Ever


    1. When Yzma finally unleashed the truth:

    2. When Kronk's shoulder angel and devil had this riveting argument:

    3. When Yzma concocted this insidious plan, but then decided to save on postage:

    4. When Kuzco and Pacha weren't fazed about where their journey was taking them:

    5. When Kuzco got excited and then realized he was back to where he started:

    6. When Yzma made this hard-hitting argument:

    7. When you had to watch the cactus next to Yzma closely or you'd miss it:

    8. When Kuzco was a selfish protagonist:

    9. When Kronk was just double-checking with Yzma:

    10. When the characters were aware of the film's plot holes:

    11. When Kuzco roasted Yzma:

    12. And when this close call happened:

    13. When Yzma shaded Kronk:

    14. And when the dastardly duo was cooking up some evil stuff:

    15. When Yzma needed to brush up on her negotiating skills:

    16. And of course, when Kronk made this iconic mistake: