25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You're In College

You can't spell "class" without some ass.

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2. "Snacks"

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What it normally means: Tasty treats to hold you over between meals.

Now it means: You will be able to survive off whatever ramen, alcohol, pizza, and Kraft Easy Mac you can get your hands on.

3. "Wine"

What it normally means: A classy drink you have with a nice meal.

Now it means: When you take it out of the box, you better slap the bag.

5. "Furniture"

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What it normally means: Movable objects used for both functional and decorative purposes within a room.

Now it means: The futon on which you watch Netflix and have sex.

6. "Party"

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What it normally means: A gathering of people in a social context.

Now it means: A mix of cheap alcohol, crazy outfits, horny twentysomethings, Solo cups, and a large dose of regret.

8. "Textbook"

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What it normally means: A book you need for your class.

Now it means: It costs $150 dollars, the professor probably wrote it, and you'll need about one page in the entire damn thing.

9. "Laundry"

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What it normally means: The physical act of washing your clothes. If you're lucky, someone else does it for you.

Now it means: Doing laundry in college is sort of like the Olympics: It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is a BIG deal.

10. "English"

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What it normally means: A language spoken by billions of people worldwide.

Now it means: A major for smart people who don't know what they want to do in life. Also, they do not screw around when it comes to grammar.

11. "Bookstore"

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What it normally means: A place you purchase books.

Now it means: A black hole that will suck away all your money for school merchandise, apparel, and supplies.

12. "Library"


What it normally means: A place where you check out books FOR FREE.

Now it means: A place you will find yourself twice a semester — midterms and finals — and won't spend a minute more inside than you need to.

13. "Class"

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What it normally means: Back in the day, these were individual units of educational time in high school.

Now it means: You'll go to some, you'll skip others, and if you're smart, you won't schedule any before 11 a.m. or on Fridays.

14. "Popular"

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What it normally means: Back in high school, the good-looking, outgoing people owned the social scene.

Now it means: Cool people are actually recognized for being cool people.

15. "Paper"

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What it normally means: In high school, they were about five pages long tops and followed the five paragraph structure.

Now it means: About 20 pages long, and you should have probably started it a tad earlier than the night before.

16. "Bar"

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What it normally means: A place where adults over the age of 21 gather for a drink or two.

Now it means: Where everyone goes to get hammered and spill cheap beer on one another.

17. "Sleep"

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What it normally means: Hitting the hay at the end of the day.

Now it means: School, drinking, friends, and getting laid all take priority over getting some shut-eye.

18. "Homework"

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What it normally means: You hated when your teacher gave it to you in high school, but you did it anyway because it was graded.

Now it means: You'll find out about two weeks into freshman year that you never, ever need to do the reading.

19. "Résumé"

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What it normally means: An organized list of your accomplishments, skills, and activities required in job applications.

Now it means: One page of single-spaced, 12-point font, utter bullshit that is your entry ticket to the real world.

20. "Smart"

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What it normally means: Being intelligent; knowing your shit.

Now it means: College is a fricking galaxy of bright, shining stars. Sorry, you aren't hot shit anymore.

21. "Sisters/brothers"

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What it normally means: Siblings.

Now it means: If your school has Greek life, they may not be family by blood, but they're your family nonetheless.

22. "Alcohol"

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What it normally means: You crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine when you need to celebrate or let loose a little.

Now it means: The fuel for every good and bad decision you make from Thursday through Saturday.

23. "Exam"

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What it normally means: A method by which your teachers could assess your knowledge in a subject area every few weeks in high school.

Now it means: Now, half your semester grade comes from the midterm, and the other half from the final.

24. "Sports"

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What it normally means: Athletic competition you participate in or watch.

Now it means: When school pride is on the line, it's the one thing the entire campus can agree upon.

25. "College"

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What it normally means: Four years of education with a little socializing built in.

Now it means: Where you become who you are, build lifelong friendships, and occasionally learn a little — with some strong drinks added in for good measure.