36 Witches Ron Weasley Should Have Ended Up With

Because who wouldn't want Weasley to be their King?

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34. Dolores Umbridge

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Pros: Um, she's really well dressed?

Cons: She's a masochistic, power-hungry authority figure. She also has a weird affinity for all things pink.

33. Bathilda Bagshot

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Pros: Renowned magical historian? Can anyone say SEXY?

Cons: Minus points for Lord Voldemort reanimating her corpse to contain his pet snake Nagini to kill Harry.

28. Millicent Bulstrode

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Pros: She has a pulse.

Cons: Where do we begin? She's a Slytherin, a member of the Inquisitorial Squad, and Ron once described her as "ugly." Pass.

14. Romilda Vane

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Pros: She's boy crazy.

Cons: Remember that time she tried to feed Harry a love potion and ended up nearly killing Ron? She's easily the thirstiest girl at Hogwarts.

12. Lavender Brown

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Pros: OK, so it didn't work the first time. But maybe Won-Won should give her a second chance?

Cons: She's more volatile than a Blast-Ended Skrewt.

8. Fleur Delacour

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Pros: She's a grade-A wizarding babe who Ron always had the hots for.

Cons: Would you really expect Ron to steal Fleur from his brother Bill?

7. Alicia Spinnet

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Pros: Exceptional Quidditch player and member of Dumbledore's Army? Sounds like A-Spin is a total catch.

Cons: She might be a little too fierce for Ron.

5. Madam Rosmerta

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Pros: Pretty much every young wizard's fantasy is to be served gallons of Butterbeer by Rosmerta.

Cons: There was that time she tried to kill Dumbledore when she was under the Imperius Curse.

2. Angelina Johnson

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Pros: Feminist, exceptional Chaser, Quidditch captain, fellow Gryffindor: AJ is the total package.

Cons: Now she is Mrs. George Weasley.

1. The Candy Trolley Witch from the Hogwarts Express

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Pros: Um, is there anyone more perfect for Ron, the human garbage disposal? SHE SPECIALIZES IN MAGICAL JUNK FOOD.

Cons: None. Absolutely none.